Šī maku sērija ir īpaši izturīga pret skrāpējumiem. Attiecīgi, lai metāls neaizsargātu radio signālus, antenām ārpusē tiek izgrieztas rievas. Ir iebūvēts magnētiskais kompass. Spriežot pēc objektu atspoguļojuma, ekrāna pretatspīduma īpašības ir aptuveni tādas pašas kā Google Nexus 7 turpmāk vienkārši Nexus 7. It is incredibly light in the hand and still sturdy. Krāsu gamma ir tuvu sRGB: Spektri rāda, ka matricas filtri mēreni sajauc komponentus kopā: Tā rezultātā krāsām ir dabisks piesātinājums un nokrāsa tikai jums jāizvēlas profils Standarta.

The laptop offers advanced performance, power efficiency, and realistic gameplay.

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Even when you are running multiple applications at the same time you will not experience any slow-down moments. You will experience a smooth Internet browsing, see how fast and responsive applications can be and also you will be amazed by a detailed graphics.

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You need to edit HD videos or high-res photos? With such a cutting-edge accelerated graphics processing unit at your service you can do that effortlessly and stress-free.

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NVIDIA GeForce MX also helps to optimize the xiaomi body slim life but still keep the level of visual performance high whether you are watching a video, playing a game or surfing the web. Dual-fan system for more efficient cooling Powerful enough to keep the laptop cool and quiet A large diameter dual-fan, a large diameter heat pipe, a large thermal conductivity area to keep Mi Notebook Pro You are more than welcome to run multiple applications at once or open more browser tabs.

This is just the kind of usage the laptop is intended for.

Vāks, man jāsaka, sēž pārāk stingri, un papildu līdzekļi ērtai noņemšanai nav paredzēti. Tāpēc jums tas ir jāsakrata daudzas, daudzas reizes, līdz palete vismaz nedaudz izrāpo. Atklāti sakot, tas nav ērtākais iepakojums atvēršanai.

Large capacity hard drive Access your entertainment instantly Mi Notebook Pro With up to 1. The full HD screen boasts nit brightness, which is brighter than standard laptop display xiaomi body slim usually offers nit.

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And with a Corning Gorilla Glass for durability and scratch-resistance Mi Notebook Pro becomes an unmatched piece of tech for those who like to travel or just like to carry the laptop wherever they go. Full-size backlit keyboard to allow typing in dim conditions Low key activation force Unlock the laptop with a fingerprint It takes 2 seconds to get back to work Mi Notebook Pro This method of unlocking the device is very convenient.

The covers are made of high-strength TPU material, which provides both a high level of protection for the phone and a long service life. The main part of the cover - the back part is made of a hard and penetrating material, but the edges of the cover are made of a soft material - rubber, which improves cushioning when worn or falling off the phone. This series of covers is especially resistant to scratches and other external factors. Compatible with: Xiaomi Redmi 6 Shape and size of this mobile phone case in Photo is just for information as example.

Once you experience how effortlessly you can unlock the laptop, you will no longer want to mess with a cumbersome password input process. A gentle press is all it takes to get back to work.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 15.6

If you are concerned about the security of data on your computer the fingertip scanner is much more helpful than a password because it is harder to fool. Reinforced all-metal body Magnesium alloy shell 2 times stronger Mi Notebook Pro This material is usually used in higher-end laptops, but does not Mi Notebook Pro It is incredibly light in the hand and still sturdy.

It was tested for drops and was even run over with Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Self Balancing Scooter several times and, obviously, the laptop came out a winner. Although MacBook Pro is only a few millimeters thinner the area Xiaomi beats Apple is in the number of available ports and connections.

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The nowadays common ports that Mi Notebook Pro The more ports the more fun! Put the headphones on and what you are about to hear is a true magic! Dolby Atmos Panorama technology delivers a powerful, dramatic and realistic cinema sound listening experience whether you are watching a movie or listening to a music track.