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What you interpret is not MY fault. It's Yours. The first step in owning your life, your body and your destiny is to OWN the thoughts that come out of your own head. Krievijas nodrošinātais lietussargs pār Baltkrieviju un iekšējo nodevēju atdalīšana no ārējās palīdzības palīdzēja nosargāt valsti no sagrāves. Taču ne čiku, ne grabu, pēkšņi maidauns sācies Polijā, kas bija viena no agresīvākajām valstīm attiecībā uz Baltkrieviju un visādi centās panākt tās varas nomaiņu Tieši Polijā bāzētais propagandas kanāls un nemieru koordinators Nexta bija tas, kas visu šo laiku uzkurināja attiecīgos notikumus un ko domājiet, viņi atbalsta arī šos nemierus, kas tagad sākušies Polijā.

Acīmredzot, ka saimnieki ir vieni un tie paši un izpildītājiem ir vienalga, kur tas maidauns notiek. Kas tad tur augstu tauku dedzināšana pārtiku receptes Formāli iemesls ir Konstitucionālās tiesas lēmums ierobežot iespējas veikt abortus, atļaujot tos tikai izvarošanas gadījumā vai tad, kad mātei draud dzīvības briesmas.

Vai šāds lēmums var izraisīt simtiem tūkstošu gājienus ielās un masveida protestus pret valdību? Var jau būt. Taču vērīgs un zinošs cilvēks uzreiz saprot, kas ir krāsaino revolūciju tehnoloģijas un ka tie paši spēki, kas nupat centās nesekmīgi organizēt tādu Baltkrievijā, tagad metuši savus resursus pret Poliju.

Un šeit rodas tik daudz ironisku jautājumu. Nupat tik daudzas valstis, ieskaitot Lietuvu un arī Latviju tik cītīgi pēla Baltkrievijas prezidentu un pieprasīja viņa aiziešanu un demokrātiju Baltkrievijā — Lukašenko visos medijos bija tirāns, autokrāts un ultra premium herbal fat burn express express demokrātijas ienaidnieks — tika sagatavota un nozīmēta nākošā prezidente Tihonovska, kas vēlāk aizbēga uz Lietuvu. Sponsored listings are clearly marked as such.

We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of going to press and assume no responsibility for changes and errors. The massive red brick neo-Gothic building that now houses the Latvian Art Academy was actually commissioned by the Riga Stock Exchange in Although its façade will definitely catch your gaze, the art nouveau stained glass inside will make your jaw drop.

ultra premium herbal fat burn express express cik bieži man vajadzētu palaist lai sadedzinātu taukus

Enjoy, spend and invigorate the Latvian economy! With the launch of Moscow In Your Pocket now imminent, check out what we have to offer in the Russian capital at www. There are also online guides to Sarajevo and Banja Luka, Bosnia to enjoy, ahead of print editions to both cities, to be launched in October and November.

Elsewhere, Glasgow In Your Pocket is in the final throes of preparation: expect the guide to hit newsstands before Christmas.

Sporta zāle treniņiem un sacensībām florbolā, telpu futbolā ...

The biggest news of all though at In Your Pocket is our new, much improved website, coming soon to public beta. Check it out at beta. To your right is the waiting room. At the far end of the hall are a tourist and bus information centre open - and currency exchange booth. Getting to town: trams N°7 or 9 stop in front of the bus station; ride it one stop into the centre buy a 0. The cabs outside are notoriously unreliable, so public transport is your best bet.

Q By car As of 21 DecemberLatvia is part of the Schengen zone of European nations and no longer operates passport checkpoints on its land borders with Estonia and Lithuania. Just drive across the border. The Russian and Belarusian borders still require time and patience. Happy trails! Q By ferry The ferry terminal and yacht harbour lie less than 1km north of Old Riga.

Change money in the terminal. Open Getting to town: take trams N°7, 5 or 9 buy a 0. Q By plane The airport lidosta is some 13km southwest of the Riga city centre. A currency exchange booth is available here open until the last flight as well as a tourist information centre. Reserve a hotel room or rent a car in the arrivals hall. Car rental and currency exchange are available here, but you might want to leave the terminal, make a right and then enter the Schengen arrival hall because it offers more services.

Getting to town: A queue of eager taxis will be waiting outside the arrivals hall.

Svētdiena, Artist Johannes Stoetter uses the human body as his canvas and then disguises his art in nature. Check out some of

A typical ride to the city centre should cost no more than 10Ls. The Airport Express shuttle stops at five different hotels throughout the city for 3Ls every 30 minutes between - Buses N°22 get off at Exittheairportarrivalshallandwalkacrosstheparking lot to find the bus stop and schedule or directly to the right for express bus 22A.

More info at www. Q By train The train station centrālā stacija underwent massive renovations, and has been modernised with a spacious central hall and many shopping and eating options. International trains arrive at platform 2. Follow signs down to the Central Hall Centrālā zāleunder which are renovated pay toilets 0.

Exchange money at the currency exchanges valūtas maiņas or at the banks in the main terminal. There are several ATMs in the terminal. The train information office is open - Getting to town: you are right beside Old Riga. Turn left when leaving the station and head toward the spire of St. Offers a wide range of information in a varietyoflanguages. QAlsoonJ-3,Prāgas1 Busstationtel. Open;D-4,Stacijas2 Train stationtel. Open - Stop by the thisinfocentrebeforeventuringoutintothecountrysidefor maps and useful tips.

QOpen - Information,maps,toursandhotelreservationfor all three Baltic nations. Tourist information Tourists looking for a good deal can purchase the Riga Card, which provides free use of trams, buses and trolleybuses, free admission or discounts at museums, specials on car rental, discounts at restaurants, souvenir shops and much more.

ultra premium herbal fat burn express express tauku zudums ķmi

The Riga Card also comes with a free copy of Riga In Your Pocket and is available at major hotels, tourist info centres, travel agencies and the airport. Children under 16 half price. Zaprauskis Reserve a room online at www.

Visa šī sāga ir noslēgusies ne ar ko — vakardienas gājiens tika meistarīgi sašķelts un apturēts, nespējot apvienoties lielākā plūsmā. Tagad jau BLR spēka struktūras tiek vadītas daudz labāk, kā sākumā. Krievijas nodrošinātais lietussargs pār Baltkrieviju un iekšējo nodevēju atdalīšana no ārējās palīdzības palīdzēja nosargāt valsti no sagrāves. Taču ne čiku, ne grabu, pēkšņi maidauns sācies Polijā, kas bija viena no agresīvākajām valstīm attiecībā uz Baltkrieviju un visādi centās panākt tās varas nomaiņu Tieši Polijā bāzētais propagandas kanāls un nemieru koordinators Nexta bija tas, kas visu šo laiku uzkurināja attiecīgos notikumus un ko domājiet, viņi atbalsta arī šos nemierus, kas tagad sākušies Polijā.

A few years ago an unnamed vagrant was found unconscious by police. His blood test revealed an astounding 7. Thankfully, most of these troubled areas have been effectively cleaned up and are now safe for the public to enjoy. Unfortunately, air quality in Riga is still not the best. The World Health Organisation has listed Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania as hot zones for untreatable strains of tuberculosis. When visiting rural areas one should be aware that cases of tick-borne encephalitis are quite common.

Sadly, racially motivated attacks by Russian-speaking skinheads on both men and women, especially in Old Riga and the tunnels by the bus and train stations, are on the rise. Please be vigilant. Muggings are also not unheard of in Riga.

Those who enjoy a good pint and who frequent pubs and clubs should beware of any suspicious characters hanging around outside of bars and discos.

We hate to heap any extra pressure on single travellers, but try to avoid going home unaccompanied or, better yet, just take a cab. Q Money Thenationalcurrencyisthelat Ls. Therearesantīmitothe lat, with 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 santīmi and 1 and 2 lat coins. Bank notescomeindenominationsof5,10,20,50,andlats. The lat has become one of the strongest monetary units in Europe. As we go to press, one euro sells for 0. Although Latvia was originally scheduled to adopt the Euro inexperts believe that the Eurozone may prove elusive for many years.

There are currency exchange booths everywhere accepting a wide range of foreign bank notes, but always check rates before exchanging money. Major hotels, restaurants and shops accept Visa, Euro- and MasterCards. In this guide we have marked establishments that take credit cards. There are numerous ATMs around town as well. After business hours the only place in Riga we know of is the Radisson.

Passing on blind curves is shockingly common, red lights are ignored by most BMWs and pedestrians on crosswalks tend to become targets for wannabe F1 drivers in tricked out Mercedes jeeps.

If, like many locals, you enjoy operating an automobile while intoxicated, you should bear in mind that all perpetrators, including foreigners, face a mandatory ten-day jail sentence.

Speed traps are prevalent and bribes are almost a thing of the past. Parking meters are all over Riga. Traffic police will clamp your car and demand a 5Ls fine on the spot for running out of time, or will fine you 10Ls for being parked illegally. To drive into Old Riga you must purchase a viedkarte, which is a re-usable card permit with a magnetic strip, for a minimum of 5Ls or more if you plan on staying longer than one hour.

Viedkarte outlets: Statoil, C-3, Eksporta 1C. Open 24hrs; C-3, Muitas 4. Open 24hrs; Parex banka, H-2, Smilšu 3. Closed Sat, Sun. Q Ultra premium herbal fat burn express express Latvians love to smoke and until recently you could see them lighting up almost anywhere. But all that has changed. As of July 1,smoking is banned in most public places including restaurants, clubs and government buildings.

The few establishments which have built completely separate smoking sections with proper ventilation systems have been assigned a X symbol in this guide. If you wish to stay in Latvia for more than 90 days you need a residency permit or risk the threat of becoming persona non grata. Locals hold the opera and theatre in the highest esteem and make it a point to attend often. For more events, check newspapers and fliers around town.

Forum Cinemas is the second largest cinema complex in Northern Europe. Recently renovated with plush seating, K. Suns is now mostly dedicated to films of an arty or European variety. Rīga C-4, Elizabetes 61, tel.

ultra premium herbal fat burn express express palielinātu svara zudums bet badošanās

It shows films from around the globe as well as box office hits. Q 3Ls. Concert halls Arena Riga A-4, Skanstes 21, tel. A venue for both sporting events like the Continental Hockey League and large concerts. Performers have included Placebo, Muse and the Sex Pistols.

Ave Sol C-3, Citadeles 7, tel.

Ēdienu gatavošanai

This small church is good for choral music concerts. Dome CathedralI-1, Doma laukums 1, tel. The destination for world-class organ concerts. Tickets can be purchased here at the ticket counter.

Animals. Health. Food Hygiene - Latvijas Lauksaimniecības ...

Home of the Latvian Philharmonic Orchestra. A large venue for dance concerts, musicals and plays. Popular venue for small concerts and events. Some have then been assaulted, threatened or forced to withdraw money from an ATM to pay for the bill.

There are plenty of essential sights and tons of practical information too. Updated every two months, this is the definitive guide to Latvia's capital, with hotel, restaurant, bar, club and even strip club reviews. Less Read the publication N°75 - 2Ls www. You can download PDF versions of them all for free at inyourpocket.

Roxy Klub - Kaļķu Groks Pub - Kaļķu 22 renamed Lord Pub. Pink Panther - renamed Puzzle next door to Lord Pub. Mary - Audēju DD Bars Saxon - Laipu 7. Doll House a. Bar Fly - Vāgnera 8. Classic theatre like Faust in Latvian. A beautiful building that is home to performances of more traditional plays and musicals. Local theatre performances with an avant-garde flavour. Opera I-3, Aspazijas bulv. A venue for opera, ballet and international performing artists.

Tickets usually range from 5 - 30Ls depending on the event. Expect to pay much more for performances by major stars. As the name would suggest, theatre in Russian. OPN 5 Organ concert. Pearls of Russian Music. OP 14 Organ concert. DOM 28 Classical concert.

Sadzīves tehnika un piederumi virtuvei

Sinfonietta Rīga. Closed Mon. Bastejs I-2, Rātslaukums 1, tel. Closed Sun. Birkenfelds B-3, Rūpniecībastel. S Gallery I-2, Skārņu 7, tel.

Riga In Your Pocket

QOpen -Sat -Sun - Jāņa Sēta I-2, Jāņa sēta 5, tel. QOpen -Sat, Sun - This gallery offers three rooms: one for paintings by Latvian masters, one for contemporary art and one for exhibitions.

QOpen -Sat - Ķīpsala Ceramics C-2, Balasta dambis 34, tel. Putti J-2, Mārstaļu 16, tel. An art gallery that specialises in jewellery and tcm novājēšanas plāksteris. Closed Mon, Sun. The best place to go for blues concerts with a wide variety of performers from as far away as Memphis, Chicago and New Orleans.

An upmarket restaurant with live jazz music most evenings - Hamlet Club I-2, Jāņa sēta 5, tel. Small venue for jazz concerts and impromptu theatre performances.

Kaļķu Vārti I-2, Kaļķu 11a, tel. Upmarket cellar club with concerts by local favourites like Ainars Mielavs and even international singing sensation of Eurovision fame, Marie N. Closed Mon, Tue, Sun. Kabata I-1, Peldu 19, tel. Local pop and rock concerts. Melnā piektdiena Black Friday Brīvības c, tel. The only club in Riga dedicated to heavy metal music is located within the brick walls of an old factory next to the VEF Bridge.

Live acts have included such heavyweights as Napalm Death. Q Open Fri, Sat Sapņu Fabrika D-5, Lāčplēšatel. Industrial-style venue for anything from rock to rap concerts. Tickets ReklamarketD-4, Stacijas laukums 4, tel. Ticket Paradise Biļešu paradīze G-1, Kronvalda bulv. Tickets to mostly Latvian events such as concerts, festivals and theatre productions. Also at the box offices of the Opera I-3, Aspazijas bulv. A Ticket Service Biļešu serviss J-3, You can buy tickets to major concerts by international stars online or at one of its many outlets around Riga.

Maidauns Polijā un citi procesi.

Also at Statoil petrol stations. Although Latvians love their vodka and strong, cloudy beers, any elbow-bender worth his salt should try their national hooch, Riga Black Balsam. It looks like used motor oil, tastes a bit like turpentine and will definitely put hairs on your chest.