The Dictionary of Modern Lithuanian also uses this pattern of definition, e. Straipsnyje analizuojamos definicijos, apib dinanëios med i pavadinimus 89 pavyzd iai yra iapple Macmillan odyno ir pavyzd i yra iapple Dfi. It grows on a lemon treeí; fig ëa soft fruit with purple or green skin and a lot of small seeds inside. Their whole business model is about keeping people on iPhones for as long as possible, monetizing their service usage and App Store purchases. Atceries, kad… When multinational tycoon Cole Harrison approached her on a moonlit balcony at the White Orchid Charity Ball, Diana Foster had no idea how extraordinary the night ahead would be.

Laivu brauciena instrukcija, Nelaime nenāk brēkdama. Nekad neuzticies vecmāmiņai, kad tā saka, ka visas svarīgās lietas viņa jau ir sapakojusi. Tā nebūt nebūs. Domā līdzi!

I personally think scalping should be illegal because you have people who sit outside waiting to buy PlayStation fives, Xbox series x, Nintendo switches, etc. I think when it comes down to it we need to have some thing in place to be able to stop those kinds of people who will take advantage.

But not to be confused by the value of a collectible that is no longer in production versus driving the price up because of james smith fat loss coach supply.

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Edited to fix typos. Banal Minutia Pirms 21 dienas Scalping is a problem, but it is an edge case at best. If the manufacturer sells parts, than it's thier responsibility to not sell all those parts to scrupulous people. The right to understand, repair, and maintain our devices with manufacturer support is a completely different issue than the hypothetical idea that scalpers could buy up "all the parts" Mary JoycePirms 24 dienām I remember Craig tablets said I could not play angry birds on my tablet because it considered rooting by just installing the app.

Hilarious the rep had no freaking clue what he was even talking about.

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Stan WassinkPirms 25 dienām "when you buy a car you arend alout to goos a surtent speed. Epic information.

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Their whole business model is about keeping people on iPhones for as long as possible, monetizing their service usage and App Store purchases. Daniel BlasPirms 28 dienām Great video and take! Right to repair!


Love the honesty and information given. James StriplingPirms 29 dienām Sure, it's about control.

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It's like the burglar who breaks into james smith fat loss coach home, trips over a rug and falls down the stairs sustaining substantial injuries then sues the home owner and WINS. Tech companies have literally been forced into making things that aren't repairable because of the lack of ethics and common sense in our courts in awards given out to hacks who have been injured or who have injured someone else, yet the manufacturer got sued and lost or settled out of court.

Gold School Pirms 12 dienām Shawn D. Dawkins Most philly fans dissed him, his team captain dissed him, and his coach dissed him. They played checkers and lost the chess game Shawn D.

Sure, it sucks from the end user's and repair facility's point of view, but the manufacturer wants to stay in business and sell its products without daily lawsuits. Nicolò SalemiPirms Mēneša omg I have always felt like I owned something important but didn't really own it e. This video explains my feeling so damn well and it consoles me.

  • Šūnas blastocistas iekšienē tiek sauktas par iekšējo šūnu masu un no tām sāk veidoties ķermenis, galva un citas struktūras, kas ir svarīgas topošajam cilvēkam.
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  • The Fiat Multipla Was an Incredibly Quirky (and Ugly) Family Car
  • Posta simbolu ierobežojuma dēļ nākas dalīt vairākās tēmās.
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I'm not the only crazy one then. Ēdot zemenes ikdienas svara zudums ripping off the public.

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Oems are all going to put the boots to them as they have better products and real service techs not a bunch of contracted service shops that are just out to make money. This is the reason people are turned off by Tesla Mahendra RautPirms Mēneša For screen damage issue in Google pixel 4a, support team provided estimate to replace almost everything inside the phone which was costing me higher than phones actual purchase price.

Ja MaarPirms Mēneša This is a very good video, they want to have total control on us.

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When I buy a house, the bank is not involved when I modify it. The thing is I bought it, so I own it! I support right to repair!!

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Btw, love watching your vids man!! I kept it, i still use it to access info I couldn't move to my other phone. Mr CPirms Mēneša thank you for covering this This has never been about safety its about power, control and profit Emily KingPirms Mēneša I learned something.

Flammy Bino Pirms 13 dienām I was fifteen when the Multipla launched and I couldn't believe that a car manufacturer would make something so ugly, a decade later I bought my first one!

Robert WileyPirms Mēneša Anti-trust and anti monopoly laws need to return. The Technology corporations seem to be government monopolies and are above the law and protected from competition and regulation.

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It's like the tiger that bites the circus trainer. He didn't go mad he went Tiger. Apple will never change.